Any donation, small or large goes a long way to helping with the mounting medical expenses, (travel, medications, equipment hire etc).

Custom direct donations will be activated soon.  In the mean time if you would like to support Luke financially, please use the GoFundMe link below.

I was diagnosed on good friday with terminal cancer, I was told I only had weeks to live and with treatment it would only extend my life by a few months. I have three young boys, a young adult son and partner.

My diagnosis and all that has happened since my diagnosis has been really tough on them and it has broken all our worlds. On anzac day I crashed and was told I had hours to live, they came and said goodbye to me on my death bed, it has been an emotionally traumatic experience for them over and over.

I have an aggressive form of non small cell metastatic carcinoma. It’s everywhere in my brain, lungs, throat, all through my body.

I made a youtube when I found out, trying to educate people along my journey of fighting this horrible destructive disease. I have now been told it is not curable only manageable with Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy and amazing technology like Gamma Knife Radiation Surgery to shrink the 7+ brain tumors.

Medical expenses, (travel, medications, equipment hire etc) are ridiculously expensive and it’s put my family and I under severe financial, mental and emotional strain.

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